Friday, April 18, 2014

100 Hoopties - Iconic Poster Designs Reimagined with Bicycle Parts

Jennifer Beatty is a graphic designer and cyclist recreating 100 iconic poster designs using bicycle parts.

As part of the 100 Days project taken on on by the 2014 Masters in Branding graduate students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, students must repeat the same basic operation every day for 100 days. 

More at 



Ceci n'est nas une velo 
Throughout this project, Jenny hopes to question what most people consider to be garbage and tap into the raw hands on artwork she has put on hold for so many years.

Jenny also happens to be the designer of the BCN logo back in the day. (Thank you Jenny!)

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Allo: The World's First Speaker-Bike Mount Combo

The Allo is the world's first all-in-one bike mount/speaker combo designed specifically to make using your phone more convenient.

Allo's unique design, gives riders the power to:

  • Use any of your preferred apps without taking the phone out of your pocket so you can focus on what's going on around you! 
  • Control and listen to your music with the touch of your finger. No earbuds needed!
  • Get directions/navigate. You can hear turn by turn and see where you need to go on screen!
  • Make/answer phone calls with ease and without fumbling for your phone.

The Allo Kickstarter campaign must reach the finish line by Sunday, April 13, 2014, so act now if you'd like to see it become a reality.

I love it mostly to make viewing/hearing Google bike directions just a little easier.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Petition Asks Craigslist, Ebay to Require Bicycle Serial Numbers in Ads

Project 529 (currently in preview mode), is an online bicycle registry platform whose goal is to "Take a bike out of crime".

The petition:
To: Craig Newmark (Craigslist, Founder), John Donahoe (eBay, CEO), Jim Buckmaster (Craigslist, CEO) 
Every 30 seconds, a cyclist has their bike stolen in the United States. Nearly half of college students with bicycles will lose them during their education. Bicycle theft is rampant in the United States, and it's due in part to the ease of fencing stolen bikes through online sites. 
There's a simple solution that would help dramatically cut down on these statistics: requiring a serial number when selling bikes online. Just as VIN numbers are required to list cars for sale, requiring a serial number will deter criminals from using your sites to move stolen bikes. It additionally gives the victims of theft a chance of recovering their bikes. 
We the undersigned are petitioning eBay and Craigslist to add the simple requirement of including serial numbers for bicycle listings. We believe this poses no material impact to legitimate sellers or to your business. Please help keep this vibrant category on your sites ethical and above board.
Thank you.
Signing the petition requires requires logging in with your social network of choice. Go here to sign now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Social Computing Group at MIT @MediaLab Mapping Bike Crashes, and Coffee Shops

Every day for the next year, we will make a map of a city in which we have lived. 
Each of these maps will be an aggregation of thousands of microstories, tracing the narratives of our collective experience. We will make maps of the little things that make up life — from the trees we hug, to the places where we crashed our bikes, to the benches where we fell in love. 
Over time, we will grow this to 100 different maps of 100 different cities, creating an atlas of human experience. 
We hope that by showing these stories, we empower people to make their city — and therefore the world — a more beautiful place.


Joe @ BCN

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bike Racks: Creative Designs from Around the World

U-locks are for noobs. Put it in the vault.

...before biking out to a working lunch.

See more inspiring bicycle rack designs at

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Star Wars Bike Trailer at #CicLAvia

Another CicLAvia, and another amazing day in Los Angeles.

Hope to have more pics and a full report up soon, but for now... Presenting the the Star Wars Bike Trailer.

It appears to be some sort of Bob trailer converted, with the help of some cardboard, paint, a subwoofer and a car battery, into a stylish and geeky music trailer that frankly sounded pretty amazing:

via @ohaijoe

UPDATE: NBC Los Angeles has a great Storify -ed roundup of Tweets and pics from CicLAvia Sunday October 7.