Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man sells car to make good on $7k pledge to @LACBC #flightVSbike (UPDATED)

With the enormous success of the Wolfpack Hustle vs. JetBlue #flightVSbike race this weekend, came an incredible amount of online collaboration and generosity, perhaps more than some anticipated.

Just how many minutes ahead of the JetBlue flight passengers were the Wolfpack cyclists? Exactly $7,000 worth.

Anthony Converse, General Manager of Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards is a man of his word, apparently, and in an effort (perhaps appropriate to carmageddon) to standby his tweet, he has successfully sold his car last evening to help make good on the pledge.

From Anthony Converse:

I made the account so I could shine some light on LACBC in the midst of all the hype. I credit them for the LA River Bike paths' current loveliness!!
Working in the gutters of city bureaucracy so we DON'T have to ride in the gutters in the streets of LA.
Don't worry, Anthony Converse has another car, and some pretty nice skateboards (WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD BUY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE SMA IS AWESOME):

Anthony Converse says that he first got excited about bicycles when a doctor recommended he ride to help heal a knee injury he got skateboarding. He says the race inspired him to sell one of his cars, and he's giving the money from the car to LACBC.

Santa Monica Airlines will present the check to LACBC Wednesday July 20, 2011 at 7 p.m. The event will take place at Tang's Donut, 4341 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Members of the Wolfpack Hustle team will also be available for comment.

Wolfpack Hustle http://www.wolfpackhustle.com/
Santa Monica Airlines www.smaskateboards.com
LACBC www.bike-la.org

Special thanks to Meghan Kavanagh for preparing the details and getting the word out.


I attended the ceremony in which Anthony Converse of SMA Skateboards handed off the check to L.A.C.B.C. this evening, and was able to interview him about it, and why he chose L.A.C.B.C.:

Anthony ordered a fancy presentation check for the ceremony, but apparently the printer botched the job and prepared a 4" check, rather than a 4' one. I think it's perfect. ;0)

Photo by Nadia Korovina

From left to right: Bobby Gadda (LACBC),  Anthony Converse, JJ Hoffman (LACBC), Roadblock, Joe Anthony (BCN), Fabian Vasquez, John Gabriel (suit), Jon Budinoff


  1. That's awesome.....this event just keeps on getting better and better. Go bikes....and nice work by Anthony Converse.


  2. Looks like I'm going to learn how to skateboard. So awesome, thank you Anthony Converse and Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards!

  3. Such an awesome story but it's a shame the check hand off was scheduled tonight. The LACBC board meeting is at the same time as well as some other bike related events.

  4. Will someone please video record the event tonight so that people that don't live in LA can view the handing over of the check. Thank you in advance for video recording. Big props to SMA and the Wolf Pack.

  5. I'll get some photos and video of the event tonight, and I'm sure others will, too.

    If anything changes, due to timing issues mentioned above, I will let everyone know asap.

  6. Love the story, including the four-inch check, with its "This is Spinal Tap" overtones: