Friday, July 22, 2011

VIDEO: @JetBlue vs. @WolfpackHustle Curb to Curb with @EzraHorne & @ohaijoe #FlightvsBike

Ezra Horne, my partner in the sky on "Team JetBlue" during the Wolfpack Hustle vs. JetBlue #CARMAGEDDON flight (aka #flightVSbike), just uploaded a fantastic video, covering every moment of the race, start to finish, from the racers in the sky.

Some highlights: Amazing view of a car-free Carmageddon 405 from the sky,  a few words from the pilot, an intro from the CEO of JetBlue, Ezra and I get a big wet kiss from a nice lady at the bar, and so much more...

Thanks to Ezra Horne for the fantastic video! I highly recommend watching it start to finish.

Wolfpack Hustle crew captured an incredible amount of footage of the cyclists on the ground, and I hear they are assembling a film to be screened at various bicycle film festivals. Keep an eye on, and we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Joe Anthony


  1. Awesome vidi-age!!! You guys did a great thing here.

    Additionally sweet: @ 1:52 in this video, there is footage of the skater (me!) at the start.

  2. Thanks! Ezra did such a great job at putting this together. I must've watched it five times so far, so entertaining :)