Monday, September 12, 2011

L.A. BFF Street Party Featuring Levi's Mobile Bike Shop (Pics and Video)

This weekend I attended the 2011 Los Angeles Bicycle Film Festival, followed by the BFF Street Party on Sunday.

After viewing an amazing collection of bikey films from around the world, including an outstanding short from L.A.'s own Wolfpack Hustle who you'll remember from our #flightVSbike coverage, the BFF Street Party was a great finale.

I arrived with my crew early in hopes of getting first dibs at some bike schwag, and it turned out to be such a fun time that we spent the entire day there, open to close.

Levi's Mobile Bike Shop was there celebrating the release of their 511 Commuter Jeans. Whether you think their new product is a cheap marketing ploy or not, after spending some time with the Levi's crew today, I'm convinced that what they're doing for bike commuters is indeed pretty awesome, and I'd love to see more of this.

Let me explain, via some photos from the event.

The Levi's Mobile Bike Shop offered free services and schwag to all attendees, and the bike mechanics worked tirelessly throughout the day to accommodate all attendees:

I took full advantage, with a free tune-up, including getting my chain cleaned and lubed, wheels trued, and headset adjusted.

Free brass bells were also on hand.

A seamstress sewed patches and reflective strips by request throughout the day.

and she was nice enough to sew one of many patches available onto my jorts:

Also available in the Levi's Mobile Bike Shop was a generous supply of denim fabric, thread, reflective material and patterns so that you can make your bikey accessories on-site. Here's Nadia assembling a saddle/jort-bag (more in the video below):
A shot of the Levi's Mobile Bike Shop post-tune-up:
Ramps were erected, and there were dozens of kids on bikes doing some amazing tricks throughout the day. See the video below for more:

I was able to score my own pair of Levi's 511 Commuter Jeans (Thank you Levi's!):

Photo via @dailymarauder

and I tested them out immediately

Photo via @dailymarauder

At least 70% of my riding is commuting to work, social events, general transportation, and the rest is for fun. Considering this, and my casual work environment, I spend a lot of time riding in jorts or jeans.

After riding around at the event, dinner afterward, riding a friend home and back to my place, I admit these are some extremely comfortable riding jeans. Only time will tell of their durability, but so far so good.

Thank you Levi's for supporting bike commuters, and how about some jeans for the ladies? I know a few who would love to try them out.

Here's some video from the event. What a fun time. Enjoy!

(A few more pics here)

The next stops for the Levi's Mobile Bike Shop are in San Francisco and Portland. I highly recommend checking it out:

San Francisco
Tuesday, 9/20
Levi's Plaza
1155 Battery Street
Thursday, 9/22
Lizard Lounge
1323 Northwest Irving Street

Friday, 9/23
Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)
1241 Northwest Johnson Street

Saturday, 9/24
Chris King Factory
2801 Northwest Nela Street

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  1. There was a bicycle photo booth? =[ How did we miss it?