Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wolfpack Hustle and #flightVSbike Organizers to be Honored at L.A. City Hall #bikeLA

It all began with a Tweet.

What started out as Twitter conversation about the closure of L.A.'s 405 Freeway this past July, dubbed "Carmageddon", quickly evolved online into a race between cyclists, a JetBlue plane, public transportation, and an inline skater that would make Top Gear blush. Many members of the Los Angeles bike community and beyond connected and collaborated to stage an event that was followed around the world. (I was the blogger in the sky, given a seat by JetBlue, and an organizer of the event.)

An internet sensation, Twitter erupted with tweets tagged with #flightVSbike, and suddenly the mainstream media was bursting with positive bike coverage that perhaps overshadowed the imminent doom promised by Carmageddon.

The cyclists, Wolfpack A, won, by a landslide.

Cyclists win! Official Wolfpack Hustle vs. JetBlue #FlightVsBike Finish Times
One man, Anthony Converse of SMA Skateboards made a pledge of $100 to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition for every minute Wolfpack A beat the JetBlue flight. The total? $7,000. He even sold a car to make good on the pledge.
Interview with Anthony Converse after handing over the $7,000 check to LACBC
Soon after the event, we were contacted by L.A. City Councilman and Chair of the Transportation Committee, Bill Rosendahl's office who indicated that City Council would like to congratulate us on the victory, and for promoting alternative transportation. The event no doubt proved cycling to be a viable, and perhaps even superior mode of transportation for Angelenos.

I'm proud to announce that Wolfpack Hustle and #flightVSbike organizers and contributors will be honored at L.A. City Hall on October 14th at 9:30 AM, 200 N. Spring Street, in the Council Chambers. 

From the Facebook Event (RSVP here):
The Los Angeles City Council was so impressed with Wolfpack A's victory over JetBlue's Carmagedon flight from Burbank to Long Beach that they've decided to honor the team and everyone involved with organizing the race!  
We would love to see everyone there to join us! This was not only a victory of men over machine, it was a victory for all cyclists in Los Angeles who know that the bicycle is a viable and even superior way to get from point A to point B.  
We encourage everyone to ride ya bikes or take the redline downtown, join us and celebrate in Los Angeles Council chambers. This is a big deal and an honor indeed!
The following is a complete list of Wolfpack A racers, #flightVSbike organizers and participants:

Race Organizers and Coordinators:

Don "Roadblock" Ward (Wolfpack Hustle Founder, Race Organizer, Social Media)
Joe Anthony (Flight/Race Coordinator, organizer, Social Media,
Meghan Kavanagh (Media Relations)
Gary Kavanagh (Organizer, Public Transit Racer, Provided cab fare for air travellers)
Ezra Horne (JetBlue Racer)

Wolfpack Hustle Team A is:

Evan Stade
Fabian Vazquez
Aram Dellalian
John Gabriel
Jon Budinoff
Stephan Andranian

Don "Roadblock" Ward (founder wolfpack hustle)

Other contributors:

Jenny Beatty (Driver)
Errin Vasquez (Supplied GPS live-tracking to cyclists)

Camera Crew:

Richie Thomassen (Video Coordinator)
Dustin Shepard
Kevin Teves
Warren Kommers
Richard Schultz

Honorable Mention:

Tom Vanderbilt, for sending the first tweet on the subject, and inspiring the event.

Cheers to a huge success.

Joe Anthony @ BCN

        Bikes vs. Jet Shirt

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