Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Very First Glow in the Dark Bike

Pure Fix Cycles is now offering the "very first glow in the dark bike". After just an hour of track standing in the sun, you can now cruise through at least the first hour of critical mass with a blinging glow-in-the-dark fixie.

While 12-hour glow stick technology hasn't quite arrived yet for bicycles, this is still a slick bike and brings added safety to your night-time rides. A frame full of hydrogen peroxide and phenol is probably a turn-off to weight weenies anyway. 

Read more at Springwise and Pure Fix Cycles.

UPDATE: As Steffan pointed out on Twitter, these aren't actually the "very first" glow in the dark bikes, as UK-based On-One put out a glow-in-the-dark Pompino some time ago:

photo via flickr

The glowing Pompino does not appear to be available any longer at On-One's website. 

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