Thursday, October 4, 2012

Considering bike commuting? Watch "Spokes People" a Bike-umentary (VIDEO)

Thinking of commuting by bike? Want fitter, happier, more productive employees who take less time off work? Looking to improve the quality of life for your family?

"Spokes People" is the perfect documentary to watch for this reason, and a great video to share with your employees, coworkers, friends, or family members who are considering taking the leap to commute by bicycle.

Full of commuting facts, statistics and real stories from individuals and families who bike for transportation, even those who haven't mounted a bike in years might find themselves inspired to leave the car at home and bike the drive. 

If Americans biked to work once a week, the effect would be comparable to taking 48 million vehicles off the road daily. 

"Spokes People" a Bike-umentary from Nic Christie.
Based in the one of the world's "most dangerous cities to ride a bicycle" the audience learns to appreciate just what it's like to ride in traffic. 

Featuring Kerri Caffrey of CommuteOrlando.comRodney Youngblood Jr - a major airline mechanicJesse & Angie Ross - a couple who is living "car lite" and has two childrenKitzzy Aviles & Jason Buckner - enthusiasts who travel to work in a "bike bus"and the uniformed motorists of Orlando, FL 
Directed & Edited by Nic ChristieExecutively Produced by Robert Seidler, Seidler Productions
In conjunction with The Art Institute of Jacksonville's Digital Film Program
Copyright 2010


  1. Lovely family.
    Anyway, you said "most dangerous cities to ride a bicycle", where is that?

  2. This video is very entertaining and educating too. I don't necessarily ride a bike on my way to work but I do like the idea of having an exercise. I better buy some motorbike accessories in Perth and try their tips soon. Thanks a lot!

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