Tips For Travellers Hair Maintenance In The Humid Climate

Shampoo properly

The best NYC barbers agree that shampooing routine is a little bit tricky in the damp climate. On the one hand, we need to shampoo more to keep excessive sweatiness under control and maintain cleanness. On the other hand, over-washing is also something you should avoid. Find the right balance between two of these extremes!

Keep your hair hydrated

Proper hydration is the key element of the hair maintenance in the humid climate because dehydrated locks tend to suffer from terrible frizz in damp weather, so you should do everything to maintain the proper moisture balance of your hair. Start from regular conditioning and add extra moisturizing products in case of need.

Befriend dry shampoo

You shouldn’t leave your house without dry shampoo, according to recommendations of the best NYC barbers. This product will save you many times when you desperately need clean hair. Apply some dry shampoo on your hair, and it will feel fresh again.

Reduce the use of blow dryer

You shouldn’t pack your blow dryer for a trip in the first place. But, even if you find one on your journey, you should avoid its usage. Blow dryer extracts moisture from your hair encouraging dryness, and dryness is your worst enemy in the humid climate.

Avoid alcohol-based products

Hair products were not created equal, so from now on you should start making good choices at the store. Alcohol-based hair products tend to dry out your hair, so always check ingredients before making a purchase!