Why The Restaurants In Verbier Are Worth The Trip

Why The Restaurants In Verbier Are Worth The Trip

Verbier attracts visitors from all over the world, in the winter it is primarily because of its extensive ski resort. For people traveling to Verbier, though, the location is attractive not only because of its activities on the icy slopes but also because of its ease of access dude to dedicated transfer companies shuttling from Geneva to Verbier.

The dining options in Verbier are as diverse as they are exciting. It doesn’t really matter if you are looking for traditional gourmet meals or even something that has been innovatively created to assault your taste buds.

There is a dining option in Verbier to suit the needs and preferences of everyone. Of course, with so many restaurants in the area to choose from, finding the right dining option within which one can adventure through the culinary offerings of Verbier might present a few challenges, some of the very best restaurants in Verbier whose services are bound to meet the particular requirements of any Verbier guest including the following:

Cordee des Alpes

This restaurant is the perfect combination of comfortably snug and smart, the warm ambiance and stylish décor is complimented by a diverse menu. The flagstone flooring and wooden beams create a strange sense of sophistication and the food features traditional ingredients of a seasonal nature and local produce.

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Your mouth will water at the sight of dishes like Courgette Six ways and Alpine Marinated Lamb chops to mention but a few.

La Sonalon

Perched high above Verbier-but easily accessible by road- and overlooking the resort, La Sonalon enjoys a great reputation among the locals. With seating options indoors and on the terrace, the popularity of La Sonalon is such that guests might have to make reservations if they want to find the opportunity to enjoy everything the restaurant has to offer.

You will find La Sonalon open for lunch and evening dinner all year round though opening hours are reduced in May, September, and October. The restaurant welcomes dogs and provides an outdoor play area for children, availing a menu designed to cater to the entire family.

Regional produce and cheeses are a specialty for La Sonalon.

La Grange

On the surface, La Grange doesn’t look like much. However, anyone trying to pass judgment on the restaurant for its less than impressive exterior might be surprised by the effort La Grange injects into providing its guests the best culinary experience possible, availing an amazing Alpine Gourmet take on French and Swiss dishes. La Grange’s specialty is grilled meat and fish. Because La Grange uses wood fire grills to cook its meat, so the fod tends to hold a noticeable smoky taste. The wine selection is also of considerable quality.

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Restaurant Arole is a relatively recent addition to Verbier’s offering of restaurants, and it is already making its presence felt. The creation of Sergio Arola, a two Michelin star chef, Arola’s interior has been designed to manifest sophistication and modernity, the menu mirroring Sergio Arola’s restaurant (of the same name) in Paris. With dishes like oxtail Ravioli, carpaccio of langoustines and other dishes of a similarly Spanish edge, Arola promises a unique dining experience.

The journey from Geneva to Verbier tends to take on the different light when you can understand the dining options awaiting you in Verbier, this skiing wonderland sparing no expense to make available some of the best restaurants one might ever encounter.