Top 10 Restaurants In Portland
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Top 10 Restaurants In Portland

You can find everything in Portland: street fast food and ritzy restaurants – pick the best. Restaurant life in Portland is highly intensive; local restaurants can teach a thing or two to any other world-famous restaurants. The main thing is using the local stuff – Portland is a city of fish and seafood. So, pay attention to the local restaurants, mostly specialized in “what is ours is also yours”.

Of course, you will have a strong desire to drink something. Happily, Portland is a place, where a big number of alcohol drinks are producing: wine, beer, and liqueurs. What do you prefer? Be sure, it is possible to find all of them.

Jake’s Famous Crawfish

This is a very good, but not cheap fish restaurant of a high rate. If you like visiting sea food places with the light and non-pompous atmosphere- you are welcomed! Furthermore, all waiters are professional, americanly polite and friendly – they are ready to cheer you up! The quality of the local seafood and fish is really high: your portion is not small (big portions are standard for the American restaurants), but not huge. Speaking about wine, experienced sommelier can advise you the best drink according to you budget.

Higgins Restaurant and Bar

Being tired from walking over the local parks and streets, have a rest in this restaurant. Are you looking for something really “fish”? Try oysters salad – the food is tasty, fresh and not expensive. The restaurant service is good – waiters know everything about dishes, and drinks, answering all your questions.

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It is time to speak about Higgins Bar: they have an impressive collection of Belgian and other sorts of beer. “Thank you” to Greg Higgins, restaurant owner, for making business according to high standards and local stuff.

South park

Regardless of the fact that the restaurant is situated in the very center of Downtown, the prices are democratic, service is attentive and food is really tasty. As you can see, the menu is mostly focused on the seafood and a wide choice of the local wine. There are more than 5 sorts of oysters, a big number of the local and imported fish, and, what is impressive, the variety of steaks.

There staurant is famous of a high-ceiling interior with a roomy space, a long bar counter and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Jake’s Grill

This is the best place for “happy hours”! Locals and tourists used to spend their dinner time here every day- the food is tasty, the choice of drinks is wide, and the prices are low, making you really happy.

So, what would you like for dinner? It is recommended to try a fresh salmon, stuffed with crabs, French onion soup, eggs Benedict and the tastiest coffee in the city. This is an amazing combination of delicious food and cozy atmosphere, where you can feel like at home.

Cabezon Restaurant

It does not matter what time it is: breakfast, dinner or lunch. Being in the air port area, try to visit Cabezon Restaurant – light atmosphere and the best original cocktails! What about food? You can try a starter from shrimps and sweet basil, classical Cesar, and fried cods with the chips and cauliflower. It tastes larruping good! Do not forget about the chief’s compliment!

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Ringside Steakhouse

This is a common mistake that Portland is a fish city. There is also a good chance to try a fresh beef, grew up in the local farms. Ringside Steakhouse is a perfect place for your family dinner – 29 dollars for three-course meal! A big juicy steak, elegant cheeseburger, onion sauce tastes americanly good. Simply saying, the restaurant is worth visiting.

Seasons & Regions Seafood Grill

Oh, you, probably, know every thing about this place if you have been to Portland before! It is the best local restaurant in Multnomah Village: the menu includes a great number of seafood, the biggest in the city, and a lot of seasonable food proposals. Take your friends and taste everything: from spicy dishes to sweet chocolate buns for free.

Chart House

Oh, this is a restaurant that offers not only tasty fish, but the beautiful city views. Willamette River is near here, so, you have a unique chance to try a fresh salmon, just from the river: “King-Salmon a la Provence” with grilled vegetables and pistachio basil. This is the best dish that you have ever tried!

The service is fast and representative. To get fresh emotions to the full, it is better to book a table at the window.


This place scores a good impression from beginning to end! It is not big, calm and clean – a few tables and a couple of waiters to help. The choice of menu dishes is not wide, but each of them is always available. Pay attention to the wine card – the prices are high, but that is worth the effort. Do you want something special? You can order a degustation of 4 dishes together with wine – the boost of tastes is guaranteed!

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Beaches Restaurant and Bar

As you can see, Portland is a place of top-restaurants all around. There is an interesting offer to visit Beaches, situated in the airport area. Simply saying, this sort of restaurant is an ice opportunity to have a bite, place your luggage and meet new friends. The restaurant and bar are recommended with the best beer, burgers, sushi, and relaxing atmosphere on your way to somewhere.

So, Portland…The city is situated on the North-West of the USA. These cond popular name of the city is “The City of Rouses”: this is one of the world famous green cities in the USA, far famed of its natural parks and gardens. Hiring a car just in the airport, you have 20 minutes to reach your hotel and go wherever you like: Art Museum, Science Museum, Mount Tabor, or one of the local restaurants. Oh, do not miss Powell’s City of Books-one of the biggest book stores in the world that takes a huge space in Portland – the whole city block. Do not worry! Special experts can help you to choose a car.