Alanya is located in the Mediterranean Sea on a small peninsula, has various attractive spots for the people living in other parts of the country. A beautiful Tourist spot, Alanya is contributing around 9% in the tourism sector of Turkey. This is an ideal holiday destination for newly married couples, families and friend as countless adventures in the mesmerizing beach resort city will never let one suffer boredom. History, culture, traditions, etc are all reflected in the city at various places. People with any kind of interest can entertain themselves in the city as it has everything for each nature.

3 Exceptional Adventures in Alanya includes the following;

Rafting Tour in Alanya

Rafting experience gained in Alanya is full of fun and entertainment. This is a water sport that takes place in fierce water of Koprulu canyon- a biggest rafting river in Turkey. Prior to taking this activity, the safety of all rafters are ensured. Any activity in water is fun. This activity is designed for the entertainment of children over six years, teenagers and also some healthy and fit adults. Prior to enjoying this water sport, it is not necessary for one to have any kind of swimming or rafting experience. Booking prior to starting Alanya tour will ensure that you will experiencing the amazing Alanya Rafting tour .

Jeep Safari in Alanya

Jeep safari is filled with fun and enjoyment where a tourist is able to attain most of the knowledge about the village life of Turkey. This offers an open option of swimming to those booking for this adventure. The exceptional jeep rides on the mountains will make trip more exciting and memorable. It is worth taking every adventure during Alanya excursions as life is too short. Despite the fact that jeep rides takes place high on the mountains, these are safe but full of dust. Dipping oneself in the river water will refresh the tourist.

Sapadere Canyon in Alanya

A spectacular journey that offers exceptional chances to the visitors to collect precious memories during Alanya excursions. This is simply a graceful experience for the people coming from different parts of the world. Tourist enjoy the tour to sapadere village, full of natural vegetation and attractive fauna and flora in the region. They also have an opportunity to view other beautiful locations in their surroundings.