A Wild Girls Night Out in Reno, Nevada

A Wild Girls Night Out in Reno, Nevada

Ladies! If you are planning a gambling night, Reno provides you with best Casino’s. Reno proudly calls itself “The Biggest Little City in the World”. Once it was the hub for gambling, but now Las Vegas has grabbed its place. But the city still holds a lot of tourism.

There are more than a dozen casinos in Reno. They are also very affordable. If you are new to the city, here are some Casino’s you and your girlfriends might want to check out.

Atlantis Casino

The casino offers a wide variety of cheap gaming options, with table games starting at minimum price. There are ample amount of slot machines and video poker at many denominations. Since you are in Reno you can also try your hand in betting, you can bet either on horse racing or sports.

Bonanza Casino

It’s one of the cheapest places to gamble in Reno. There are hundreds of slot machines too, most of which are on the cheap side.

Boomtime Casino

If you don’t mind being far away from everything else in Reno book a room here and enjoy Reno in local style. Like most of Reno’s casinos, gaming is fairly cheap. There’s also a good selection of slots and video poker machines available, including some video poker games that offer full pay tables.

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Peppermill Casino

Often regarded as the best hotel/casino in Reno, the Peppermill is also one of the area’s largest resorts. In spite of the fact that this Casino is large it features very cheap games that your pocket can easily afford.

Grand Sierra Casino

The Grand Sierra Casino is a large resort hotel. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll also love the Fun Quest arcade area which is located below the casino.