Things to Carry on Your Vacation
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Things to Carry on Your Vacation

Vacations are the time when we feel relaxed and don’t have to worry about our work in home or office. Also for women, vacations are the time when we want to enjoy and relax leaving all tension and worries back. The secret to a stress free women vacation is to know what and how to pack. Packing luggage depends to the type and place for vacations but there are some basic thing we should carry.

Carry light-weight clothes and which can easily be maintain. It will make your luggage light and will make space for other things also. Jewellery is something we all love to wear, but on vacation carry less jewellery and also leave the expensive ones behind. While traveling make up is not as such important. You need not carry your whole make-up kit. Just carry some essentials products like lotions, sunscreen if you are going to a hot place, talc or deodorant. Always carry an extra pair of jeans or trousers and shirt. Carry small packing of soap, shampoo, toothpaste so that they occupy less space and make your luggage heavy.

Coming to foot wear, don’t carry heels or shoes which will make you uncomfortable while walking. Have flip flops or sneakers which can be comfortable for your long walks. Pack a carry-on bag in which you can keep things which you use very frequently like tissues, comb, a bottle of hand wash and any lotion. Women don’t forget that security is main concern for a woman travelling alone. It is always good to have pepper spray in your purse, wherever you go. Pack your all bags wisely so that you don’t spoil your only because of your luggage.

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