Geography Devon has the unique boast of being the only county with both North and South coastlines, and benefits from large expanses of wild moorland. As such, there is never a shortage of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Holiday makers can choose between paddling at quaint seaside resorts, roughing it on Dartmoor or Exmoor with a tent and a thermos flask, or visiting one of the many holiday parks on offer. Set in such lush surroundings, these parks offer a wonderful base from which to explore the surrounding areas, or for the more leisurely among us, they serve as a great centre of relaxation.

In South Devon itself, there are many small towns, each with their own unique charms. For a very Victorian seaside experience one can visit Paignton, where the pier and waterside green give a truly unique atmosphere. Adjoining Paignton is Torquay, the home of a rather infamous sitcom, and a great harbour with an increasingly modern feel. On a grander scale, Exeter and Plymouth provide many options for entertainment. Plymouth enjoys a rich naval history, while Exeter has a vibrant restaurant scene. Close to Exeter is a gem of a town, Dawlish. Dotted around all these are a rich diversity of holiday parks, all unique in their own way.

Devon enjoys a mild climate, often avoiding the harsher winter months that the north experiences. Summers are warm, with the odd shower or heat wave to keep you guessing! Upon the moors can often be a wet and windy experience, but moving towards the coast, in particular the south east, the tendency is towards brighter weather.


Perhaps as a result of the pleasant climate and green surroundings, there is a vast array of wildlife in Devon. Bird watching and conservation are popular pursuits. Also, many rare species can be found in Devon and neighbouring Cornwall, that are not found elsewhere in the UK. Keen conservationists will be glad to know that wildlife in Devon is well protected; many wildlife charities oversee all these creatures.

Attractions to Visit

One of the wonderful things about Devon is the sheer amount of attractions on offer, and the family feel of so many of these attractions is obvious to see. There are many castles and historic National Trust properties open to the public, complimented by a range of natural attractions, such as ancient caves, spectacular waterfalls and the aforementioned moorland areas. Devon also has a number of notable zoo’s, aquarium’s and wildlife parks, between them housing many exotic species we would otherwise be unable to see in the south west. Devon is also famous for several historic railways, such as those in Torbay and Plymbridge, Plymouth.

How best to see everything Devon has to offer?

In South Devon, there are many options for accommodation, as there is anywhere. A quick search for places to stay will show any number of wonderful hotels, lodges and travel inns. But to truly be able to enjoy the relaxation Devon can offer, whilst being in comfortable driving distance of all the attractions, some of Devon’s self-catering holiday parks seem to offer the most flexible option. And what better way to enjoy the fresh Devon air than by strapping on your back-pack and tent, or loading the basics into your car or motor home and ‘setting up camp’ in one of these wonderful establishments.